What is this “Instagrok” I am hearing about!

Today I learnt a new word- Instagrok. I had never heard of Instagrok before, let alone did I have any idea of what it was and how you can use it in your classroom! When trying to think about new things to blog about and linking to other people’s blogs I stumbled across Jennifer’s blog .

This week Jennifer has blogged about Instagrok. She explains-

Instagrok is a search engine for children that presents its content in the form of a concept map. A new phrase has been coined in the classroom. Instead of googling we are now groking. Students then choose which area they wish to explore further and click on the bubble. This will produce a summary of suitable resources for children to investigate further.

After reading this blog I decided to check it out. I sat down with my kids and we researched ‘fairies’. The results were instant. I can’t believe how much stuff was displayed within seconds about fairies. We then moved onto researching ‘sunflowers, rainbows, lady bugs and grasshoppers’. My kids loved it. I had to stop to get them off to bed.

I wish I had heard of this earlier, although now that I know about Instagrok I plan on using it whenever I can. The bonus of this site is that at the top of the screen there are two pictures- a blackboard with ABC on it and a picture of Einstein. By clicking on the slider and moving it between the two, you are able to determine the level of information. So it is suitable for students of all ages. Great for differentiation. Great for research. Great for students. Try it.. It’s GREAT!!



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